…and that’s when I killed her, your Honor

I had kinda planned on posting on here everyday…but that has failed already it would seem!

Friday night the power was out when I got home from work. Which SUCKED. Spent like an hour and half at home in the dark reading and waiting for the zombies to come….I have an overwhelming fear of zombies btw…better that I warm you now :S Not sure if it was the wind or an accident that knocked the power out, but I couldn’t go to sleep until it came on. It was too dark to sleep with it off…yeah, yeah, I know. That doesn’t make any sense but to me it does do deal with it O.o

Had all intentions of posting last night when I got home but honestly I just forgot. I got into it BIG TIME. This girl, Miss.Douchebag who shall remain nameless, came in flipping shit cause one of the garbage bins out front was full. Instead of just saying “Hey, could you guys change that before you leave?” like any NORMAL person would do. she flipped out at me. Which I did not take real kindly to  ESPECIALLY since she showed up to work late. Which she does every time she works :S So she starts goin off about how this is such an easy job (I work at a coffee shop, btw) and that any idiot could do it and somehow I manage to fuck it up.

Yeah. As you can imagine that went over real well with me.

I told her to stop screaming at me, and that I DO do my job and you would think that since an “idiot” could do it, you would think an idiot would also be able to show up on time…

Anyways, to save a lot of agony, I’ll just jump to the part where she quits and walks out! It’s well after 11pm, I can’t drive after 12, and I gotta take another girl home on my way to my house. Plus, I am not staying to work backshift. Sorry guys. So I called the manager, and basically said “Ummm…you need to fix this cause I’m goin home.” lol.

The other girl I was supposed to drive home said she wanted to stay and work backshift, so all the power to her. We sorted that out, I was on my way out the door when Miss. Douchebag “She Who Shall Not Be Named” shows back up saying she was doin me a favour, and that now she wasn’t gonna have health care and her kid was gonna die. Yeah…she quits and walks out and its MY FAULT. All because I asked her to stop screaming at me and show up on time…

And that’s when I killed her, your Honor.


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Dear Diary, mood: apathetic

So I apologize in advance for my first post being all emo and stupid but I am feeling emo today and everyone else is being stupid!

I’m “seeing” this guy…whom we’ll call “DJ”…actually more so the problem is I am NOT seeing him because he does not want to see me this week apparently…I was supposed to go down last night and tonight…which got downgraded to just tonight which then got downgraded to not at all. FML. This adult dating thing is GAAAAAAAAAAY(meaning no offence to anyone at all who is actually gay). But just…FML :S

Maybe I’ll go see a movie or something. BY MYSELF though cause I will not be seeing anything with my non-boyfriend and all my friends are working or doing other stuff so maybe I’ll take my little brother….cause apparently I rock that hardcore that on my night off I shall take my 13 year old brother to see a movie…

Just as a sidenote, my brother is AWESOME. Awesome enough that he will pity his 24 year old sister enough that he will give up playing XBOX for an evening so she does not have to go to the movies alone. FML. AGAIN.

The only other option is (a) drink myself into a stupor alone or (b) find someone else to drink myself into a stupor with…neither of which I am overly fond of but it is St. Patricks day after all and what better way to spend it than drunk and whining about my relationship troubles to other people who are equally drunk?

My like is a giant fail. Just sayin 0.o

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